Dust suppression and water saving

Comprehensive road management services

We are strategic partners of our clients to help them manage operations sustainably with comprehensive products and services that reduce dust and cut water use on mine roads.

We have contracts at major sites in Chile.

Our sophisticated road management model is based on

real-time information and data analytics.

Specialized technical advice
Online engineering and reporting
Dust suppressant development, preparation and application
Specialized operators
Comprehensive service operation

Our dust suppressing and water-saving product

A biodegradable, harmless, water-soluble dust suppressant.

We control dust emissions from haul roads, stockpiles, tailings ponds and other sources of dust generation at the mine.

It is locally produced, created by our researchers in a process of continuous improvement to meet client's needs.

Value offering

• Prioritization criteria

• Technical, administrative and commercial support

• Proprietary products and technologies

• Competitive prices

35,000 hours

of continuous operation on 2 millions m2 of mine roads.

We have contributed to saving almost

1 million m³ of water.

And capturing

40,000 tons

of particulate matter, with zero accidents.

Dust suppression