Continuous innovation for more efficient extraction

Leaching is one of the most sustainable copper recovery technologies, used mainly with ores close to the earth's surface. However, it is inefficient with those found deeper, such as chalcopyrite, which is present in 70% of available reserves.

New technologies and processes are urgently needed

A responsible energy transition and closing the supply gap for copper will demand more innovation from the mining ecosystem in the coming years.

More efficient leaching technologies

It has been estimated that there is enough copper in nature to last for over 100 years. Most of it is found in the deeper layers of the earth (primary sulfides) and is economically unfeasible to extract with current leaching techniques.

Faster and cheaper extraction

Our processes allow mining companies to access reserves that are out of reach with the traditional leaching process, taking advantage of existing infrastructure.

Leaching is a cleaner and cheaper option, but currently limited to ores near the surface.

Concentration + smelting is fast and effective, but investment-, water- and energy-intensive. Additionally, it creates large tailings ponds.

Our experienced team has designed and operated multiple plants in different mining districts.